Excellent lectures only for a small donation

ASHA Lectures promises to deliver high quality lectures without the exorbitant price tag.

Charging only between $5-20 per student, all profit raised from our lectures is donated towards the ASHA Charity, funding medical and educational projects in South Asia. This makes our lectures unique in that they are not only accessible and affordable, but they are for a good cause. 

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What do we offer?

Headstart Lectures

Our VCE Headstart Lectures give students a detailed overview of the course to ensure they begin the school year prepared and one step ahead.

Revision Lectures

Our VCE Revision Lectures are held throughout the year, carefully reviewing the coursework with helpful advice and guidance from our lecturers. 

(Topic, AOS, Unit 3 and Unit 4 Lectures Available)

Essay Correction Service

If you want feedback from our high-scoring VCE English Lecturers on how to improve your writing take advantage of our following offer! ​ 

$5 - 1 Essay ​$10 - 3 Essays 

Visit: www.trybooking.com/LISG


If you have a group of 3 or more students interested in a particular subject, ASHA Lectures can organise weekly sessions at a convenient location and time at a price of $30/hour.

VCE Subjects Offered




Further Mathematics

Mathematical Methods (CAS)

Specialist Mathematics