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ASHA Lectures is a completely not-for-profit organisation that provides quality VCE Tutoring and Debating Clinics, whilst raising funds for ASHA projects. Our team consists of volunteer tutors from universities all around Melbourne who excel in their respective fields.

What do we offer?

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VCE Lectures

ASHA Lectures conducts VCE Headstart and Revision Lectures for students throughout the year, carefully reviewing the coursework with helpful advice and guidance from our lecturers. 

(Topic, AOS, Unit 3 and Unit 4 Lectures Available)


SPEAK UP is ASHA Lectures' Public Speaking and Debating program, addressed to primary and secondary school students to further their public speaking and debating skills under the mentorship of university students with considerable experience in these fields.


No upcoming events.

VCE English | Medea Masterclass

This will serve as an in-depth, all-you-need-to-know guide to Euripides’ Medea. The play will be meticulously dissected and scrutinised. The play’s themes, characters, and stylistic features will all be analysed, building up to a comprehensive interpretation of the text as a whole. The masterclass will conclude with a walkthrough on how to put all of this into your text response essays.

Lecturer: Alex Liu (Study score of 50 in Literature, Premier's Award Recipient, Extensive experience as an English and Literature Tutor)


24th March

1:30 - 3 pm

The University of Melbourne

$11.5 (Includes booking fee.)


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VCE Headstart Lectures

"Really enjoyed the chemistry and english headstart lectures in 2016! The lecturers were really insightful and provided us with notes that were useful throughout the year + tips and tricks for the subject. I entered year 12 confident and motivated!" 

- Ayushi Panjwani, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School (2016)

VCE Revision Lectures

"Excellent tutorials. Great help, I nailed some of my tests thanks to these guys. Lecturers knew what they were teaching."

- Tyrone Smith (2016)

ASHA Lectures Team

"All around lovely tutors and enjoyable, passionate lecturers."

- Kevin Wu (2017)

VCE Headstart Lectures

"I found the explanations really useful and feel like I gained a lot of insight and confidence for this year. Thank you!"  

- Student from Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (2017)

VCE Headstart Lectures

"It was very informative and interesting and I felt I gained a lot of insight on how to approach this year - I also liked the plethora of examples and discussion that was involved. Thank you very much." 

- VCE English Headstart Lecture (2017)

VCE Revision Lectures

"ASHA provides extremely helpful lectures for very little expense, and I would highly recommend attending any that are coming back." 

- Student from Kilbreda Secondary College (2016)