SPEAK UP - Creating tomorrow's leaders today

Our Vision - Enabling our students to SPEAK UP

At ASHA Lectures we recognize the importance of public speaking and debating. As agents of change and proponents for social equality, our team acknowledges how crucial it is to be able to articulate our thoughts passionately yet eloquently. It is our goal at ASHA Lectures to work with primary and secondary school students in developing their public speaking and debating skills. We believe that is essential for these skills to be instilled at a young age, so that tomorrow’s leaders develop a keen awareness of public discourse and are able to constructively share their ideas on issues they are passionate about.   

Junior School Public Speaking

Our program consists of three sessions, where students learn the basic and eventually some of the more niche elements of public speaking. Each lesson has clearly distinct objectives and comprises a mix of activities and teaching. The program culminates in a Presentation Night, where students are given the opportunity to speak and showcase their skills to their parents and the wider school community. 

Senior School Debating

ASHA Lectures offers Introductory Debating Sessions, as well as Topic Specific and Strategy Workshops for Junior and Senior debaters. All sessions are catered to each school's requirements, and opportunities exist for coaches to work individually with teams.