Bodyworks - Primary school youth awareness program

Our Vision

At ASHA Lectures we recognise the importance of healthcare at both an individual and community level. 

It is our goal at ASHA Lectures to work with primary school students in ensuring the adults and leaders of tomorrow are informed of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and aware of some of the major global healthcare issues they will face. We aim to provide some scientific insight into the processes of the human body to interest and inspire students. 

We hope our work will empower primary school students to develop a passion and become advocates of healthy lifestyles and communities. 

What do we offer?

We offer all schools ten options for the sessions and ask teachers to nominate which they would like us to facilitate. 

We believe these sessions collectively provide an insight into the function of the human body but also discuss issues concerning the delivery of healthcare. 

Healthy Minds 

(What does our brain do?)


I spy with my little eye!  

(How do we see? What can affect our vision?)

How do diseases affect us? 


Food for thought! 

(Nutrition & Digestive System)


How do hospitals work? 


Can sticks and stones break my bones? 

(What forms our skeleton?) 

Exercise & Healthy Hearts 


Listen in! 

(How do we hear? What can affect our hearing?)

May the floss be with you!

Dental Hygiene & Teeth

Puberty - A period of change!

If there is anything not listed here that you would like a session on simply email us to see what we can do!

Who runs the sessions?

Our facilitators are all university students who are currently studying the health sciences. 

Many are Junior medical students, whilst others are studying the Bachelor of Science/Biomedicine, with a focus on human anatomy or physiology. 

At times, we will also be able to have professionals facilitating our sessions i.e.- people currently working as optometrists, doctors, nurses etc. 

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