ASHA Charity

Who are we?

Australian South Asian Healthcare Association

The Australian South Asian Healthcare Association (ASHA) is a nationwide organisation concerned with the wide discrepancies in healthcare and education access around the world.    

Since its inception in 2010, ASHA has grown to have branches established in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Our committee members are a multi-disciplinary collection of current students and recent graduates in fields including teaching, optometry, dietetics, medicine, law, commerce and many others. With a relatively young membership base, our organisation approaches its work with unequivocal passion and a genuine ambition to share our knowledge, skills and resources with those less privileged.   


Our projects both here in Australia and the South Asian region fall into five domains:

  • Children's Health
  • Maternal Health
  • Eye Care
  • Non-Communicable disease and Health Education
  • Access to Surgery (Surgical Programs)

We call this the ASHA Model.




ASHA Charity runs many international trips that focus on both healthcare provision and education. Trips are run to our project sites throughout South Asia and vary in focus from maternal, paediatric, or eyecare specific trips to ones that are more general in nature.
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Clinical Author


ASHA Clinical Authors are health professionals or students with the ability to communicate often complex health-related concepts to a lay audience.

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For a list of topics we are currently looking for writers for, please click here.

Sponsor ASHA's Activities


ASHA runs a number of healthcare, educational, and knowledge transfer programs in South Asia and Australia. Financial and in-kind support to assist our activities is always very much appreciated. To find out how you can get involved and promote your brand through our activities, send us an e-mail.